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In this section we have our current news and announcements brought to you by the coordinators of CBLM.

Subject Author Date
15th Servant Retreat Silvano Kim 09/06/2012
13th The Feast of the Divine Word Silvano Kim 09/06/2012
3rd Vancouver Genesis YUNSU Silvano Kim 09/06/2012
10th Genesis YUNSU Silvano Kim 02/06/2012
9th Desert Experience Silvano Kim 02/06/2012
group list & attendance nico 08/11/2011
2011 Servants Retreat nico 07/27/2011
4th EXODUS YONSU nico 05/20/2011
2nd Chicago GENESIS Yonsu nico 04/01/2011
Chicago Servants' Promise nico 04/01/2011
8th Desert Experience nico 04/01/2011
Seattle Servant's Promise JeanLee 05/18/2010
17th Genesis Yonsu-SEATTLE, WA JeanLee 05/18/2010
3rd Exodus Yonsu JeanLee 05/18/2010
6th Desert Experience JeanLee 05/18/2010
Sister on Retreat! JeanLee 07/06/2009
Yay for New Vocations!!! JeanLee 07/03/2009
Upcoming Chicago Yonsu!!! JeanLee 07/02/2009