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Sr. Cho's Opening Words

Rejoicing in the revival of the www.biblelife.net

Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart(Ps 37,4.)

I praise the Lord who allowed us to re-open www.biblelife.net. This website first opened back on May 1, 2001 which is the feast day of St. Joseph the worker. However, it closed in 2003 due to various difficulties; Seven years has now passed and this website has been in a long period of slumber. Finally through the dedication of the young adults of CBLM USA, this site which was lying dormant took its long awaited breath of fresh air. Its revival is again on March 19, 2010 which happens to be the feast day of St. Joseph the husband of Mary. We are very happy on this occasion especially because St. Joseph is the honored patron of CBLM. St. Joseph is the patron of this website too! He is a righteous man (Matt 1,19) who believed God’s Word hoping against all hope (Gen 15,6; Rom 4,18; 8,24).

It is good to remember those who worked for the first opening of this website: The mustard seed group members, the very first Servants of CBLM. Paul Ham, the donator of this domain. Joseph Shin, the previous web designer who is now interceding for us in heaven. Including all the living and dead will join together for the revival of this website. Many Servants of the Word in the US had been working very hard with much time and effort. It is the Lord who sees and knows their hidden sacrifice and dedication. May the Lord reward each of them and bless them.

The life and growth of this website depends on each of you who visit this website and participate in. Just as a baby who needs to be nurtured please nourish also this website so that it may grow in vitality. This website is relying in hope in the presence of the faithful like your selves. I praise the LORD who says: Take delight in the LORD! (Ps 37,4)

March 19, 2010
The feast day of St. Joseph the husband of Mary
Sr. Maura Cho, SOLPH. CBLM USA